Monday, January 6, 2014

Ani ----

I was blessed to have Momma and Daddy take me to Sunday School and church from the time I was a little girl. Being number 6 of 7 kids I can still even remember having Momma put white gloves and shiny black shoes on my wee little feet. We all had our own Bibles and Mom and Dad sent us to private Christian school along with even a friend of ours as Daddy who owned a printing company would often help out other kids. I love the Animate because I think that any tool you can give to your kids to help them grow closer to the Lord is nice. 

Here are some things about this little sweet bear

- Over 30 New Testament Stories, that is over a hour of professionally recorded children's Bible stories preloaded. 
- the moving mouth is adorable and little ones will love that the bear is talking to them telling them stories!
Connections to a smartphone to play apps - Free apps available 
use as a speaker phone to connect with distant relatives
- earphone jack for private listening (this can be nice if you have to have your little one sit in big church)
You can even record a gift message for recipient. 

      This would even be nice to give a child and even a nice gift for those in the hospital or Senior home !

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