Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cabot Cheese Review


Clay and I were dehydrating corn, plums and preparing peaches for freezing and we received a knock on the door and it was UPS with Cabot Cheese! Immediately we decided let's break for lunch and test the cheese. We had a debate about what cheeses we would try.. My hubby wanting pepper jack and horseradish cheese and I wanted to try the sharp so we mixed it up. It was a great testing time as my husband said he didn't like sharp and I told him you have to try this. He loved it the Vermont Sharp was very creamy and still had that sharp kick to it. Cabot also makes Greek yogart and even butter. They have a small town country feel which we love since we live on a backyard farm but they are on the competitive edge. They were the first to make 50% and 75% light cheddars in the world. They introduced the first all natural slices for the dairy case. They also make a broad range of Kosher products. All of Cabot cheddars are lactose-free and gluten-free. This company is part of my Best Products for Fall tour and actually has a report card to ensure that their products remain the best by grading the farmers that work with them. The more I hear about Cabot the more I feel that not only is the taste the best but their commitment to their patrons they have Free Education programs and give out free materials to schools. Being from the NorthEast they are right in my backyard as the farmers are in New York and New England. I am proud to say they have won every major award Taste - Cabot Cheddar has won every major award for taste -

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Here are some tips to help you with your Cabot Cheddar Cheese

--Refridgerate immediately
-- When serving allow the cheese to come to room temperature for the best flavor
-- When storing wrap it tightly in plastic and place it back in the refridgerator  (it will lasts for many 

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 I love the taste of this cheese when you are working around the house as a mom it is great to just pop a small piece while cleaning house, great for snacks for the kids after school with apples and for Christmas men and parents love cheese! I am a stickler for having only the best products for my family so why not put this on your list of staples for the family. I love having cheese handy because it always makes a quick nightly meal too if you come home late in grilled cheese sandwiches, etc..  Thumbs up. Please do me a favor and tweet out this post or share with your friends on google plus and facebook. 

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