Sunday, March 23, 2014


I thought I would shake things up by sharing some freebies and #sweepstakes with all of my friends. For more go to my home blog and click on the sweepstake/freebie tab.

Here are a few to enter

Wedding Sweepstakes

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flat Out Bread

   We received an assortment of Flat Out bread for review. All opinions are our own and were not influenced by the sponsor. 

We really loved this bread it has low calories and is really tasty. I made up some great sandwiches for Clay with the flat bread for work and since he is dieting it was a nice bread to pack for lunch. I also like to make quick pizza and these were perfect for coating on some sauce and putting on some pepperoni and cheese. YUM! Great for the whole family. If you haven't tried Flat out bread you are going to fall in love it there are many varieties and one of my favorite features of this bread is that it's a nice size to fold over and make a sandwich or roll up etc. Check out all the great Flat Out Breads click here

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sweeney 's Mole and Gopher Sonic Spikes

Sweeney's 2-Pack Mole and Gopher Sonic Spikes

If you have ever seen the damage that moles can do it's amazing. Before I met my husband I lived near a golf course and there were TONS of moles around fortunately for me I had a boston terrier which will chase all those critters away. I don't like poisons if possible because of kids and animals and Sweeney's Mole Sonic Spikes are the perfect solution. They are Chemical-free and repel not only moles but golphers too! They are    
solar powered so there is no need to worry abour cords or electric. Sonic pulses penetrate the soil which send those critters scurrying away. The amazing thing too is that the solar charge lasts up to 5 days! 

Mood Lites Review


Here are some fun lights to "LITE UP YOUR HOME " - Mood Lites ! 

They have a huge variety of colors and sizes to make your home more sparkly and fun. You can slip in a different light bulb for every season, Holiday or event or just for fun! They are made well and look gorgeous! You can order some for your family by clicking here

Other colors available

  • Happiness 

  • Energy 

  • Serenity 

  • Sassy 

  • Creativity 

  • Tranquility 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Olive Nation's Pure Banana Extract

Pure Banana Extract

Pure Banana Extract made by Olive Nation is perfect for making for all your favorite recipes
Banana Breads and cookies and banana cream pies
You can order this yummy extract at

Yard Butler tools

Yard Butler products are made with steel tongs and a heavy wooden handles and are perfect for every garden need. We were really impressed with the quality of what Yard Master has to offer. To order go to 

Fizzion Product Review

Fizzon Products Fizzion Family of Products

Fizzon Products work great and are 
  • Non-Toxic Formula
  • The Proven Power of C02
  • Designed with the Earth in Mind
  • Sustainable, Naturally

Fizzon prducts are great for your entire house hold check them out at click here

Skil Ratch and Lock


If you need some good tools for your family to use check out Skil tools  there are some great tools there for just about every need you need. 

Baker's 13

Baker's 13 have the cutest baking mats. They have many styles - Many savings. Many functions and are convenient! 

I received 2 for 11 X 15 

Cookies will never stick

Extra thick silicone lasts longer and keeps its shape

Baking times may need to be shortened

Silicone conforms to FDA regulations

Temperature safe from - 30 F to 400 F

Dishwasher safe:  Before initial use, wash with warm, soapy water and dry

Never expose mat to directly to an open flame or heating element. 

Nisim FAST Shampoo and Conditioner Review


I love long beautiful hair! I love this product as I am growing my hair out once again and it works! healthier stronger hair!

What Nisim does is STRENGTHENS your hair so you aren't breaking it off and thus LONGER HAIR. We take care of our nails, our teeth, etc.. and then we sometimes purchase the cheapest brand on the market for our hair.. Rethink your hair products and get the ones that make your hair HEALTHIER. This is a great product and watch my hair grow with me in my videos etc.. video tab If you would like to grow your hair with me you can order some for yourself by Clicking here

Altra Dish Liquid Review

If you are looking for a great safe dishsoap to wash your dishes in, look no furthere Alta Dish soap made by Natur Oli. 

It works great and my dishes were just sparkling! This is for doing your dishes by hand. 

- Botanical

-Non- Toxic



-fragrance free 

You only need a little bit apprx. 1 tbsp. per wash. 

If you would like to order some for your family Click here



It's official... I am addicted to Hy Conrad 's Monk books if you love them too say hi to me on twitter @R47R and share your favorite book from Hy Conrad with me :) 
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