Monday, October 28, 2013

Crispy Green the Healthy snack for your family

    The Crispy Green products are single ingredient products and taste fabulous! They have such a great taste I was laughing and said it was like the snozberries taste like snozberries the ... from Willie Wanka and the chocolate factory because they are so delicious. I am very conscious about what my family eats as a good mom and this made the list for my family as a good snack. We still eat cookies, etc.. but for the most part my family would much rather have a tasty good snack than a bunch of junk food. These snacks are so delicious that you can enjoy them like a snack and not feel at all like you are missing out on junk food. A great way if your family is not eatting healthy to introduce them to the finer more elite way of eatting well rather than eatting poorly for your health.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mighty Leaf Tea <---- Sweepstake to enter...

Indulge yourself ... a must read about Mighty Leaf... this is too good for words.

Close your eyes and drink in the smooth flavor of Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce Tea. The tea is packed in a silk pouch made for the bigger leaves of oranges, black tea, vanilla, and jasmine. No glue or staples on the pouch it not only is a item of beauty but the taste is exotic and very smooth with no bitter after taste but actually a little sweet orange at the end. Definitely MightyLeaf has captured the tea flavors that can be your secret indulge all year.. many great flavors that go on and on. This is that special tea that I would rank as that quiet time first thing in the morning or when you pull up a good book.. you can drink it anytime.. but when I have my special relaxing time.. like a nice hot bath.. with candles etc.. you can bet this tea is part of that experience. You will want to pick up a box which is 15 bags for Christmas gifts, your own personal SPA and reading time, to have a private moment with your mom, husband and/or best friend. Every home should have some precious things and this is one of those that is a MUST for every home. So head on over to MightyLeaf browse through the flavors and pick out a few and if you are like me you will want to eventually build up a nice little stock pile of these special teas. I hope this is not only a review for you .. but as Clay and I like to do .. to teach you some life skills.. Learn that it is the little things in life.. that make our lives sweeter.. and this is one of those.