Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mrs. Meyers Clean day... once again saves the day!

Darrius Garrett writes Diary of a Freedom Writer A 5 star Read.


I believe in freedom. That in this life if we choose there is a path to be free.. I am so priviledged to have read DIARY OF A FREEDOM WRITER by actor and author Darrius Garrett. He is also co-author of the bestselling book FREEDOM WRITERS DIARY. This is a powerful book about Darrius Garrett's experience as a freedom writer. After the Movie came out in 2007 about the freedom writers during his public speaking events Darrius realized that a book needed to be written on a personal level thus the Diary of a Freedom writer was born. Out of gang life and struggling to be the man he was created to be Darrius becomes one of the freedom writers in the classroom. This is a powerful story and shares on a very personal level his hurts and hopes. I would recommend this to all my readers. This is a life changing book for all of us if you need freedom, if your heart is to help others be free and as you observe those in life around you. It made me feel like how can I help... it will draw you into doing all you can to help those around you. You may purchase this book at I give it 5 stars.
   The Movie      The Freedom Writers                                                                                         Diary



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I have been in PR work pretty much since I have been born ...     ... I say this because my parents owned a printing company and Momma brought me home from the hospital and it wasn't long after until I was laying in her arms while she helped Daddy run the presses.  I have posed for pictures that have gone around the world and been in books, yadda.. yadda... who would have thought that me.. being the 2nd from the youngest would grow up be in PR and may I add own a backyard farm.. so it is a fun mix.... it makes me laugh when people think I am a Red neck hick when they hear where I live and that I own a farm... and others that have known me for years are like RUTHIE! cook she's the worst cook I know! ... I am 51 and I have worn many hats had almost 1/2 million dollars in my bank account and just about lived on the streets..well I did for about 2 weeks with my first husband who was physically a monster..  now I live paycheck to paycheck...only it's Clay's paycheck (my husband) ... all said one reason I love reading you can learn so much .. go on a mental vacation if you can't afford a real one .. and just enjoy life... I would say about 99.9 of the books we read we donate to places we feel need the books or are given to people we feel will help the author out etc.. some books are hard to part with but eventually those 01% join the others out in the field. I want to encourage you to write a book if you feel it's your passion.. read a book...either way ...and if reading isn't for you... listen to a audio book. Reading is a wonderful thing that my Mom and I share .. she owns the Kindle.. I admit it I work online so much that I love to snuggle up with the smell of a book each night in my hot hands... I am a bit old fashioned that way. 

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and I on Spring Cleaning Day.

Sunflower Liquid Dish Soap   I am spring cleaning here at the Pople Backyard Farm until the job is done! ... Meaning a lot more cleaning for me.. the good news is Chef Russell our son is doing all the cooking... HURRAY since he just waves his magical spatula and out comes the most scrumptously delicious food!... but the deal is Mom does ALL the dishes, pick up etc... since I love to clean I was like cool... I love getting new cleaning products to try and I am reviewing Mrs.Clean Day New Natural Scent Sunflower dish soap. Our water is really hard and I stuggle with my dishwasher so I have decided since I hate spotted dishes I just wash all my dishes by hand and if I get too many ..(everyone seems to cook something here constantly as we all love to cook) so I just wash the ones that won't fit in the dish strainer and toss them in the dishwasher to rinse. What a treat Mrs. Meyer Clean Day dish soap is! It suds up nicely and has the most beautiful smell. Nice and fresh and clean!       The Sunflower Scent truly does shine it is made like all Mrs. Meyers products with garden -fresh scented products. It is hard dishes just sparkled like diamonds... and made from plant-derived ingredients and essential oils and is earth friendly. I say Russell "Bring IT"  with all the dishes that a 23 can dirty in his chef like way as he prepares each dish with care I wash each each dish with the Power of Mrs. Meyer. I get so excited to do the dishes it's like I am standing in my own sunflower garden as he is slaving over the hot stove. 
    Mrs Meyer surely will save the family and the day! To order some for yourself go to Click here

Thursday, February 20, 2014


This is one of those movies that for years to come  when someone asks you about it you are going to say "A Cross to Bear" Wow! that is a awesome movie you have to watch it and then you will precede to tell them the story. A Cross to Bear stars Danielle Deadwyler, Jacke Long, Kim Fields and Malinda Williams. It is a powerful story of how a girl who becomes homeless builds her life. Tragedy, forgiveness and deeply emotional. It will move you to tears and proclaims the truth that people are very valuable. I loved this and highly recommend this to all.  You can purchase this from RLJ Entertainment a #MUSTSEE for all.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Homemade laundry soap with NO GRATING !!!!!

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This post is from 7/4/2013

We are loving this recipe for homemade laundry soap. Here is the recipe that we use at the Pople Backyard Farm .. with our backyard farm we do a ton of laundry to keep things clean between the cooking and the outside work etc.. The cost is approx. $20.00 a year...depending on size of family.. but personally I can't see a family going past one of  these "SERVINGS" so to speak in a year.. so here is the recipe... Enjoy and would you be so kind as to retweet this on twitter or repost this blog on facebook and post so that we can get the word out to help other families live a better quality of life? Thank you so much ---

BOROX 4 lb box
Baking soda 1 box
Arm and Hammer Super Washing Suds 3 lbs 
BORAXO Powder Hand Soap 12 oz

Very easy... get a big ol ice cream tub ( I get mine from Aldi's then my family has a reason to eat ice cream... haaa.. cost about 5.00 for the big tub of  ice cream... ) and then .. just mix all powders together and store in a dry place.. USE 2 tbs per LARGE LOAD.. 

More... I thought these items would be hard to find.. I found them all at my local BIG M. 

Enjoy !


Okay... To be honest our spinach did terrible this year so far... I think we are going to have to take it all out and just buy it.. but still at least we tried. Our greenhouse is smaller .. and we started it in there and just got tooo hot ! I eat a salad sandwhich for lunch .. toasted bread and salad in it.. any tips on my spinach? please add it in the comments. 


We have several peacocks.. including rare white ones that are gorgeous.. Right now if you have a peacock here in New York they will have all their feathers.. they make their display to show off to the females in hopes of finding a lucky female. In a few weeks I will be washing and gathering the feathers to put in my big vase in the house of peacock feathers. Last nite I had my family visiting and we heard the peacock call.. at times it sounds like a person crying out so we all had to rush to make sure the kids were all okay! ... This is a funny I saw a you tube of someone eatting peacock.. we don't eat our peacocks... they are our pets.. so kicks I wanted to see how much a peacock would run to eat.. 300! ... that is a pretty hefty lunch!

Please help us spread the word about our blog we are hoping to help families, missionaries, churches, moms, dads, .. farmers, etc.. learn how to live a better quality  of life with our little tips so please share this blog with all the above just by sharing on facebook and twitter. Little tips like saving family money can change their life and you can be the link :) to share this with people we don't know. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pretzel Crisps Product review

   Snack Factory   I am really impressed with the thin texture and the big taste these snacks have to offer. Sometimes I just want a light crunch and these offer it. I feel in love with the Honey Mustard and Onion There are a host of flavors of the pretzel crisps 


I love the fact that they are a pretzel which is a better choice for me than chips. 


     Ronny Rooster ...  A couple years ago there were a few "Stray chickens" that were roaming the neighborhood in our area.. we live in a heavily farmed area and I think I have seen more stray chickens than cats!  Ronny came in the spring and hung around all summer and would "sleep in the trees"  in the woods near us. I loved watching him. I never really thought about chickens sleeping in trees because I am a converted "city girl" . We usually don't let them in with our animals because of disease. Ronny started to roost in the tree in our yard.  Since Ronny hung around so long we got worried about him as the weather was getting cooler. He came to the place where he never left our yard and we opened up the gate and let him spend the winter with our girls to keep him safe. He became part of our flock and we even bought him a couple wives as he was a banty and smaller. He was happy to be with everyone else as he used to run outside the pen and now he was living with all those gorgeous hens! He held his own in the pecking order even though he was challenged by the "BIGGER ROOSTERS". He found his place in our flock and in our hearts. Eventually we had to thin the flock and he went to auction along with his wives but I really did love having him run around in the yard and I thank the Lord that a Hawk didn't swoop down and take him away for lunch and I had the joy of watching him all summer. Come learn more at our home blog

Sunday, February 9, 2014

natures gate toothpaste

dr teals epsom salts

imak arthritis gloves

simply grandma soaps

rebout anti-ageing antioxidents

Yard Butler Rake

simply seven chips

Spice Stack

cord dome by twist and seal.


tasti-lee tomatoes

Earth box review

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps Review

     If you want a great snack for the entire family  Brother's All Natural Strawberry Fruit Crisps are a excellent choice. Our testing team tried these and we all gave them a thumbs up. 

100% Fruit
No Preservatives 
No Sugar Added
All Natural.

Another great reason to love them is  they are freeze dried.I love this because I can have strawberries whenever I want and don't have to worry about them going bad in the refridgerator. The texture is also light and crispy so if you want a "crunch" and something a little "sweet" it fits the bill! Easy to slip into your purse or in your desk drawer at work for a quick snack that is healthy and to pack in lunches for the family or to share with your entire family as you watch a movie. There are many flavors and everyone can choose the ones they love the best! 


Chickens can eat almost anything... EXCEPT Alvacados! ... Come join us on our home page


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wild Garden Humus dips and Crackers Review

The Divorce Movie Review

   I received the Divorce to review all opinions are my own and in no way influence my review. To celebrate the final signing of her divorce papers Yolanda (Dawn Lewis) holds a divorce party with her girlfriend and a few relatives. The setting was much like the play type shows that Tyler Perry does. Yolanda now has a new apartment and a much younger man of 27. Girl talk, catty talk, and a few surprises. The new boyfriend visits the party as well at the end the ex husbands comes to see her in hopes of reconcilaition. A little of a thinker and shows what women go through who are asked to get a divorce. You can purchase at