Sunday, December 29, 2013

Almased Review

Almased Multi Protein Powder 17.6OZ    With the New Year comes masses of people trying to lose weight. Clay is the official tester for us of Almased. He has diabetes and he's hoping to shed a few pounds. We were sent Almased to review and will continue to share the results. 

Almased helps people with diabetes to lose weight because they have a higher sugar level .. almased supports that higher level and makes it easier for those with diabetes to lose weight. 

- It promotes balanced thyroid function
- speeds up your metabolism and improves energy levels
- helps your body while retaining muscle mass 

- It is all natural 
 Almased is a powder made with fermented soy, yogart and honey. 

With diabetics weight loss is a big concern and many times it can get under control just by losing weight anything that helps to speed up the process is a good thing. We recommend going to the site and discussing with your doctor before you begin taking almased to see if it would be a product you should take.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Anti Monkey Butt

    Suffering from MONKEY BUTT can be a horrible experience... well you don't have to have that sweaty old monkey on the butt feeling with ANTI- MONKEY BUTT! Great for any place you get sweaty... try it under the boobs too! Good for babys, you butt crack, for those whose bellies have done lapped over their belts... on inner thighs and in all those spots on your butt that are "rubbing" so you get sweaty and "stinky" down under so to speak.. What is a guy or girl to do..  STOP MONKEY BUTT.. so you don't get all red and sore .. or get a strange "JUNGLE" rash... not to be funny.. but from being in the beauty biz in the past.. I have had people ask me some ultra personal questions so I thought I'd just talk out straight so you can read about this in your home and take care of anyone you know (may even be you!) who want to be all fresh and nice and never worry about monkey butt again! You can order right online at anti-monkey butt now if you know someone who is concerned about their monkey butt why not forward this blog post to them. God bless! 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

It Cosmetic Brush Review

Mountain House Emergency Meal Product Review

  We reviewed the Mountain House Emergency Meals and found that they were easy to prepare and tasty! I actually made them as a side dish for my husband and I when he came home from work with friend chicken. Russell had ate earlier so he didn't get any! .. These I felt are perfect for hunters, busy Moms, great for sales people on the run you can just add hot water put it in the pack and go. And of course they would be more than wonderful if the power went out. Compared to other products that were "emergency foods" I felt these guys had it in the "taste" department. They were fine :) 

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Goody Hair pieces

I was fortunate enough to have goody to send me a huge load of their products to review. I am all about having my hair done and just love all the FUN of doing it. From headbands to updos and down dos Goody has everything imaginable to make your hair look from elegant to those wild and crazy days. From moms to grandmas they have it. My hair is really thick so sometimes I have a hard time being able to close hair pieces I haven't had this with goody. I am in the process of losing weight and it is important to do what I can to look beautiful in the meantime so my self esteem doesn't get low when I look in the mirror at my weight gain. Now I can say hey until I am nice and trim and thin I can look great every single day with a new hair do thanks to goody! You can order goody right online at

Monday, October 28, 2013

Crispy Green the Healthy snack for your family

    The Crispy Green products are single ingredient products and taste fabulous! They have such a great taste I was laughing and said it was like the snozberries taste like snozberries the ... from Willie Wanka and the chocolate factory because they are so delicious. I am very conscious about what my family eats as a good mom and this made the list for my family as a good snack. We still eat cookies, etc.. but for the most part my family would much rather have a tasty good snack than a bunch of junk food. These snacks are so delicious that you can enjoy them like a snack and not feel at all like you are missing out on junk food. A great way if your family is not eatting healthy to introduce them to the finer more elite way of eatting well rather than eatting poorly for your health.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mighty Leaf Tea <---- Sweepstake to enter...

Indulge yourself ... a must read about Mighty Leaf... this is too good for words.

Close your eyes and drink in the smooth flavor of Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce Tea. The tea is packed in a silk pouch made for the bigger leaves of oranges, black tea, vanilla, and jasmine. No glue or staples on the pouch it not only is a item of beauty but the taste is exotic and very smooth with no bitter after taste but actually a little sweet orange at the end. Definitely MightyLeaf has captured the tea flavors that can be your secret indulge all year.. many great flavors that go on and on. This is that special tea that I would rank as that quiet time first thing in the morning or when you pull up a good book.. you can drink it anytime.. but when I have my special relaxing time.. like a nice hot bath.. with candles etc.. you can bet this tea is part of that experience. You will want to pick up a box which is 15 bags for Christmas gifts, your own personal SPA and reading time, to have a private moment with your mom, husband and/or best friend. Every home should have some precious things and this is one of those that is a MUST for every home. So head on over to MightyLeaf browse through the flavors and pick out a few and if you are like me you will want to eventually build up a nice little stock pile of these special teas. I hope this is not only a review for you .. but as Clay and I like to do .. to teach you some life skills.. Learn that it is the little things in life.. that make our lives sweeter.. and this is one of those. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cabot Cheese Review


Clay and I were dehydrating corn, plums and preparing peaches for freezing and we received a knock on the door and it was UPS with Cabot Cheese! Immediately we decided let's break for lunch and test the cheese. We had a debate about what cheeses we would try.. My hubby wanting pepper jack and horseradish cheese and I wanted to try the sharp so we mixed it up. It was a great testing time as my husband said he didn't like sharp and I told him you have to try this. He loved it the Vermont Sharp was very creamy and still had that sharp kick to it. Cabot also makes Greek yogart and even butter. They have a small town country feel which we love since we live on a backyard farm but they are on the competitive edge. They were the first to make 50% and 75% light cheddars in the world. They introduced the first all natural slices for the dairy case. They also make a broad range of Kosher products. All of Cabot cheddars are lactose-free and gluten-free. This company is part of my Best Products for Fall tour and actually has a report card to ensure that their products remain the best by grading the farmers that work with them. The more I hear about Cabot the more I feel that not only is the taste the best but their commitment to their patrons they have Free Education programs and give out free materials to schools. Being from the NorthEast they are right in my backyard as the farmers are in New York and New England. I am proud to say they have won every major award Taste - Cabot Cheddar has won every major award for taste -

                            US CHAMPIONSHIP CHEESE CONTEST

                            WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CHEESE CONTEST


                          AMERICAN CHEESE SOCIETY


Here are some tips to help you with your Cabot Cheddar Cheese

--Refridgerate immediately
-- When serving allow the cheese to come to room temperature for the best flavor
-- When storing wrap it tightly in plastic and place it back in the refridgerator  (it will lasts for many 

MORE FROM US....about Cabot Cheese...   

 I love the taste of this cheese when you are working around the house as a mom it is great to just pop a small piece while cleaning house, great for snacks for the kids after school with apples and for Christmas men and parents love cheese! I am a stickler for having only the best products for my family so why not put this on your list of staples for the family. I love having cheese handy because it always makes a quick nightly meal too if you come home late in grilled cheese sandwiches, etc..  Thumbs up. Please do me a favor and tweet out this post or share with your friends on google plus and facebook. 

New Blog title...

  If you have been following Clay and I around the net you will see that we are in the midst of converting everything over to Pople Backyard Farm from me just going it alone due to my recent marriage.. city meets country so to speak.. 

This blog has been changed from the Extreme Coupon Show to Product Reviews with Pople Backyard Farm as an extention of our home blog. We love sharing about products and this isn't by far the only place you will hear about the products we love but we wanted to make one spot exclusively for products as many of you just love product reviews and you can scoot over here and get as much as you like and then scoot back over to our home blog to check out something else that will help your home run smoothly. ENJOY! If you have a product you would like us to review please go to and click on the link for PR Friendly.