Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snack Taxi Product Review This is the coolest thing. I received one snack taxi to review and here is what I found. It is just so portable and because it looks so pretty It is nice to carry around and just slip in a little goody. I have low sugar so I always have to keep a little something on me and this is perfect! You can put in a sandwhich or a small bag of crackers, etc. Perfect for people that have to have a snack on them all the time. I love mine. 

Popcorners Review

Popcorners the new shape of whole grain. These had a nice crunch and a good flavor - 

Twisted Salt
Wisconsin Cheddar
Memphis BBQ
Sweet Cinnamon

I think they taste like a combination of chips, rice cakes and popcorn. A good healthy snack. gluten free. My favorite was the Twisted Salt. Everyone on our taste team loved them and once you opened the bag everyone wanted to keep tasting! made in the usa. 

      The Chinese goose. This is a male and you can tell by the egg shape knob on his head. The female has a knob too but her's is more rounded. These are a great addition to any backyard farm. You can eat the eggs and they make excellent watchdogs. To learn more about backyard farm join us on our home page and  learn about all the great happenings in our lives :)

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Friday, January 24, 2014

P 2 Peanut Buttter Review

Friday, January 24, 2014


I am Loving PB2 Peanut butter this stuff is unbelievable! I received from PB2 3 products to review.. my opinions are my own and they didn't influence me... that said.. YES! this stuff is a girl's dream! Here is what they sent

1 PB2 peanut butter cracker
1 PB2 POWERED peanut Butter
1 PB2 POWERED premium chocolate

Taste like the real mccoy! ... the good  news is.. 85% less fat! The powered peanut butters you just add water! Made by Bell plantations this stuff is sweeping the healthy living people. I am so excited about this as I love peanut butter and there are so many ways I can use this, sandwiches, recipes, a quick pick me up... we've all done it a spoon of peanut butter to hold us til the next meal. Easy to carry with you etc..  check it out for yourself at

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tetra Gold Fish Tank #ProductReview

Tetra Crescent 3 gallon tank review

        We received the Tetra Crescent 3 g Aquarium System to review. The opinions are our own and we weren't influenced in anyway by receiving this for review.. 

We loved the handy size for just a few fish, even though we have a big tank can you never have enough fish tanks! I like my fish to be able to have lots of room to roam and also if you love fish you can always find another spot to put a nice tank! What was nice about this tank was the size perfect for on top of my office desk. 

* Curved Front, seamless view
*Whisper Filtration
*For tropical or Goldfish
*Environmentally friendly

Not only do you get the written instructions from Tetra fish tanks but they also have available phone and email help to help you set up your tank.

In the Crescent 3 g Aquarium System comes
3 g Seamless Aquarium
New Tetra LED ligh system
Clear plastic cover
Whisper Internal Filter
Bio Bag  Filter Cartridge
Low Voltage Power Adaptor
Complete Aquarium Set - up Guide

My fish are swimming happy! Great little fish tank a great way to keep your little buddies close :) 

Diet On the Go Product Review

This is a millstone year for Clay and I in that we are working hard at getting at our proper weight. At 51 (me) and 56 (Clay) it's a way of life now and as you mature you realize that it isn't a option if you want to be healthy you have to eat right. I have worked with food in the past, and worked for a major diet company in the office so I know some of good quality food. I was absolutely... positively FLOORED FOR THE GOOD when I started reviewing DIET ON THE GO .. First of all it comes to your home in a great big cooler LOADED with FOOD! Also you would swear your grandma made them.. They are DELICIOUS! Breakfast, lunch , dinner, apples, applesauce, eggs, cheese, vegetables.. Not prepared meals.. but REAL FOOD! .... I thought of all the seniors who pay for service ... I thought of when I worked 7am - 10 pm and went out to eat for every meal.. I thought of all the 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Single men and women out there working and thought this is sooo perfect.. or if you wanted to just take a break from cooking ... say you are remodeling!  I never saw anything like this. I feel great eatting the food and there is so much ...which is usually the case when you eat right that I couldn't even eat it all.. Clay joined me in my venture and even my son ate some and we all agree the food is fabulous! I highly, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend these. This is the way to go... Check out the site at I also want to add.. good for anyone.. losing weight or just being healthy... I was really impressed as you can tell.. Check it out for yourself and see if you don't agree. http://www.DietToGo.comDiet to Go - Healthy Eating Made Easy800-743-7546

---- > They also offer choices, etc..  great too for those who need 

to take a lunch everyday for work!!! 

Eppa SupraFruta Sangria #ProductReview

I love cooking with wine and also tasting wine. I am not a drinker at all but the exotic part of wine fascinates me.  I was sent 4 bottles of  Eppa Supra
Fruta Sangria to review.  

Eppa SupraFruta Sangria is from Mendocino, California with a blend of real organic SuperFruit juices and premium varietal wine made w/organically grown grapes

Alcohol 8.5% in Eppa red and white wine

Here is what makes these so nice

*Real Super fruit juices rich in antioxidants
*certified organically grown grapes
*screw cap so the Sangria is ready to drink 
* great for those who are trying to live a healthy life

The taste is nice the Eppa red has a smooth taste and you will experience citrus and orange, lemon and lime and also the dark berry flavor of pomegranate 

The Eppa White has a a crisp clean flavor of lemon, lime , orange mango, peach and pineapple. 

A great way to add some exotic to your dinner table. As a mom and a cook I think the ideas are endless in the use and the health benefits are wonderful as Clay and I are striving to always take good care of what God has given us.

Lip Ink Review

       I received the Lip Ink to review sample pack. It came with the lip ink the off towelette and the moisturizer . It is a three stop process and stays really nice on your lips as it is semi-permanent. This is great if you want your color to stay all day. Lip Ink has tons and tons of products a site that you will definitely want to see all the great products at . I tried it and the color lasted all day and felt nice on my lips. I liked the moisturizer which was like gloss. The process is use the towelette to clean your lips and exfoliates your lips splash some water on after as recommended  to help them look smooth then use the lip ink and follow with the moisturizer. 

Tummy Drop Review


   I was absolutely thrilled to try Tummy Drops! Upon getting them I immediately had to pop one in as my family has a lot of "tummy aches" . I received a nice letter with my tummy drops from the doctor who sent these to me- The Tummy Doc he told me by day he is Gastroenterologist if you have ever had trouble you know how uncomfortable that can be with upset stomachs. Also living on a backyard farm you learn a lot about good health and food and these products were just so perfect for people in the know.. 
The peppermint is fabulous it has a great taste.. if you love peppermint sticks you are going to fall in love. Peppermint is a natural relaxer of the intestines. When your intestines cramp they can cause pain and the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom. Also peppermint gives you nice smelling breath!

I love ginger .. ginger has become one of my favorite flavors.. and the ginger drops offer a great big ginger taste ! YUM! Ginger works directly on the intestines and the parts of the body that control nausea. These were created with a special blend of potent ginger to help relieve the pains of overeating , motion sickness , morning sickness and stomach upsets. -- I saw a show once that said if you fly alot take ginger. Some people actually get motion sickness from working on factory lines too-- as you can see I love the taste of ginger and love all the health benefits I find. 

This is the way to go.. a great source you can stick right in your pocket and take when you need it. Thank you Tummy Doc ! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ozeri Bathroom Scale #PRODUCTREVIEW

Ozeri Digital Bath scale  

We were sent Ozeri Digital Bath scale to review. It is not only accurate but gorgeous! Clay and I are both dieting so we want to have a good scale that keeps us on the straight and narrow to encourage us to lose more when we drop a few pounds or to watch it if it goes up higher than we should. With everyone on a diet in January a scale is a necessary tool to keep track of where you are in our quest for good health. 

New widescreen LCD provides immedeiate and easy to read results

uses high precision GX senors and weigh up to 400 lbs

oversized platforem

instaon - so no tapping to get it working

auto - calibrated and turns off by itself to save battery life

switches between lbs, kg and st

Runs on 1 lithium 2032 battery for better performance

Thursday, January 9, 2014

OMG nail strip Review

OMG Nail Strips  a great way to dress up for Valentine's Day!

I was sent two designs The Red Snowflakes and White Floral Pattern Nail Polish Strip (multicolored)   A floral pattern ... 

* Lasts up to 10 days

* No Drying Time

*Easy to Apply

*Fits all Nails

14 Nail strips

They are really pretty. One nice thing is you can easily slip a few packs in your purse or desk drawer and if you want to do you nails it will only take about 5 minutes and they are dry! You can't beat this to have the best looking nails all the time!

Zep Review

Zep  supplies 

Zep sent us a nice assortment of cleaning supplies , bug sprays, drain cleaners, etc.. 

I am doing my spring cleaning amid all my fun this winter knowing that spring planting is right around the corner. The products work great! We have to make double sure that everything runs like new all the time since we have double the work load with all the extra sink work.. cleaning vegetables, etc.. and also keeping animals you don't want any bugs or anything like that ever around. We are PRO-ACTIVE here rather than reactive. What is nice about the ZEP products is that they work! I can get all my needs in one spot and they are professional quality. They have just about everything you can imagine for your home care. They are great for farms, businesses , homes etc.. check out the site at

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sheila G 's Brownie Brittle Product Review

P28 Foods Review

          We received an assortment of breads and peanut butter from p28 foods for review. Of course, as always our reviews reflect our honest opinions and we love to share with you all the Best products so you can make good choices! P28 foods have 28 grams of protein per serving. I have low blood sugar and Clay has high blood sugar so protein sounded great to me! P28 is 100% natural  whole wheat w/ whey protein isolate oats, flaxseeds, sunflowers seed and millet. It even contains Omega 3's and has 8 essential Amino Acids. Cholesterol free and a great source of fiber. The products are so good for you it is unbelieveable no wonder body builders love this product! If you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle you will want to choose P28 so much better for you! To order and to learn more please go to  

Mr Spice

My family was sent Garlic Steak and Honey BBQ to review. We are HUGE lovers of garlic and Mr. Spice didn't disapoint us. Mr. Spice Garlic sauce and Marinade made our steak flavorful with that oh so good hint of garlic! Loving BBQ sauce as we do. We dashed the Honey BBQ sauce on our famous rabbit and rabbit tends to take on whatever flavor you give it and it was nice to have the sweet dash of Honey with the BBQ flavor. It wasn't over powering and you could taste the food a very nice compliment to rabbit, chicken, or beef. Both are salt free and Gluten free. You can order some for your family at

Angelo Pietro Salad Dressings Reviews

      We received from Angelo Pietro to review their Original (Shoyu) , Seasame and Miso and Ginger Dressings to review. These all are 

- All Natural 
- No MSG
- NoCholesterol
- No Preservatives

We eat a lot of "greens" salads and vegetables at my house . I love cooking with various flavors and inventing new dishes! These are so tasty! Right away we opened them up and had to try them out to see if they were to our liking. What I loved about Angelo Pietro dressings is they are not only good on salad but you can marinate meat, use over pasta etc..  I love the taste of ginger so the ginger was my favorite.. over a cool pasta salad, with tomatoes, onion and a dash of green beans this is yummy! You can order some for yourself at

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ani ----

I was blessed to have Momma and Daddy take me to Sunday School and church from the time I was a little girl. Being number 6 of 7 kids I can still even remember having Momma put white gloves and shiny black shoes on my wee little feet. We all had our own Bibles and Mom and Dad sent us to private Christian school along with even a friend of ours as Daddy who owned a printing company would often help out other kids. I love the Animate because I think that any tool you can give to your kids to help them grow closer to the Lord is nice. 

Here are some things about this little sweet bear

- Over 30 New Testament Stories, that is over a hour of professionally recorded children's Bible stories preloaded. 
- the moving mouth is adorable and little ones will love that the bear is talking to them telling them stories!
Connections to a smartphone to play apps - Free apps available 
use as a speaker phone to connect with distant relatives
- earphone jack for private listening (this can be nice if you have to have your little one sit in big church)
You can even record a gift message for recipient. 

      This would even be nice to give a child and even a nice gift for those in the hospital or Senior home !

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Zizzy Bee Bags

    These cute little bags are a life saver! We were sent the Zizzy bags to review from I put my "daily needs" in them. My notes, my pens, things I am planning to do for the day.. my reading glasses I hang them on one of the chair posts and they work great so everything is handy! At the end of the day I file things and start fresh the next day. Mom's can use them to put a diaper in your purse for the baby or your make up. Working girls can slip them in your desk with a quick snack. Zizzy Bags sent me a larger one and a smaller bag. So if you need a larger bag you can even fold up a extra shirt if you are traveling and want to change your shirt along the road or use for a over night bag for toothpaste etc.. or for the gym. What makes them nice is that they have a tiny hook to hang and you can see the contents. I just love my zizzy bags! You can get yours at

Freaker USA Review

Foghorn Rooster rouster Freaker lifestyle fashion  LOVE IT! Freakers are sooooo cool. They are like little sweaters for your soda pop or any bottle you have. What we did was treated ourselves to our favorite soda.. then ditched the label washed the bottle and clothed them with the freakers! So many designs and so many ways to use these. Very cool indeed! Freaker USA sent us a bunch to review and they are high quality and work beautifully. Thank you Freaker USA for a country/city girl like me these are one of my favorite things ever!!!!

Perky Jerky Review

pj-bag-image   Clay and I were sent Perky Jerky to review. As a family of backyard farmers always on the go this was a delight. It carries low calories approx 100 and has the energy of a energy drink! ... Big flavor with that energy perk! 8 flavors to choose from- Beef and Turkey ... More good stuff...

No preservatives
No Nitrites
No added MSG

A great snack for all of us who live a busy lifestyle!  Check out

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Free vitamin sample
Free Sample Pack of Sundown Natural Adult Multivitamin Gummies

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hill 's Ideal Balance Soft Baked Naturals Review

      As you know my dog "Stormy" is a pretty picky dog being older like he is ... but he does love eggs ..! We served up Hill's Ideal Balance Soft Baked Naturals to him and he gobbled them right up. I thought that showed his appreciation for the nice dish we served him.      I am sure one of the reason is the first ingredient is DUCK! which living on a backyard farm that must have thrilled Stormy! The other indredients include Potatoes, peas, glycerin, pumpkin, cchicken fat, cane Molasses, Pea startch.. Wow a whole meal.. It sounds so good.. I want to eat it! All said I was impressed with the ingredients and Stormy liked it too. It is also made in the USA my dog is my baby and only the best for my Stormy.