Sunday, December 29, 2013

Almased Review

Almased Multi Protein Powder 17.6OZ    With the New Year comes masses of people trying to lose weight. Clay is the official tester for us of Almased. He has diabetes and he's hoping to shed a few pounds. We were sent Almased to review and will continue to share the results. 

Almased helps people with diabetes to lose weight because they have a higher sugar level .. almased supports that higher level and makes it easier for those with diabetes to lose weight. 

- It promotes balanced thyroid function
- speeds up your metabolism and improves energy levels
- helps your body while retaining muscle mass 

- It is all natural 
 Almased is a powder made with fermented soy, yogart and honey. 

With diabetics weight loss is a big concern and many times it can get under control just by losing weight anything that helps to speed up the process is a good thing. We recommend going to the site and discussing with your doctor before you begin taking almased to see if it would be a product you should take.

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