Friday, December 20, 2013

Anti Monkey Butt

    Suffering from MONKEY BUTT can be a horrible experience... well you don't have to have that sweaty old monkey on the butt feeling with ANTI- MONKEY BUTT! Great for any place you get sweaty... try it under the boobs too! Good for babys, you butt crack, for those whose bellies have done lapped over their belts... on inner thighs and in all those spots on your butt that are "rubbing" so you get sweaty and "stinky" down under so to speak.. What is a guy or girl to do..  STOP MONKEY BUTT.. so you don't get all red and sore .. or get a strange "JUNGLE" rash... not to be funny.. but from being in the beauty biz in the past.. I have had people ask me some ultra personal questions so I thought I'd just talk out straight so you can read about this in your home and take care of anyone you know (may even be you!) who want to be all fresh and nice and never worry about monkey butt again! You can order right online at anti-monkey butt now if you know someone who is concerned about their monkey butt why not forward this blog post to them. God bless! 


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