Monday, April 14, 2014

Dr Vigilane by Alberto Hazan

     A real page turner here Alberto Hazan's Dr. Vigilante. It took me a bit to get this book up here for review as others in my family read it also. The good doctor works during the day treating patients but at night he goes after those who hurt his patients-- rapist and the like. If you like crime stories you will enjoy this. The book takes a spin as Robert falls in love with Sharon a social worker and starts to rethink his activities. Sharon tells him his outcome will be jail or he'll be dead. All said Pick up a copy and I didn't want to leave any spoilers for you and enjoy the read but be prepared to sit up all night reading as once you get started you won't be able to put this down! If you have a husband who loves to read a great book for Father's Day which isn't too far off too!  To purchase your copy go to

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