Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puracy Product Review

Natural Hand Soap I wanted to take a minute to talk to you all about Puracy Products we have been "checking Out" their products and we really like them. They smell wonderful and work fantastic! I am really picky about what my family uses. The hand soap is great and I had to battle my guys over this as they liked it too so finally I snuck it into the kitchen to work with me.. and I will say it lasts a LONG LONG TIME which was a pleasant surprise as to the amount of handwashing we do especially with the new chicks in the house for the first week (It's too cold in the outside brooder so we let them in the inside brooder for a few days) 
Natural Dish Soapliving on a backyard farm means you are constantly working with food and so it is important to keep things clean and also if possible to work with products that are natural and non-toxic. My son Russell  (Chef Russell) loves to work in the kitchen and we have many discussions about dishes... and the cleaning of them as part of cooking is having things SPOTLESS. He has complained in the past about some dish soap smelling like "AIR FRESHENER" which I thought was interesting .. He liked the dish soap and even though I have a dishwasher I do many BIG POTS from cooking and canning by hand and Puracy dishsoap works fantastic! Don't take just may word for it you really need to try these for yourself and look at all the products they make.. and a little more.. I am super fussy being all german and when you have little ones I like things that are non-toxic around ... so these are awesome if you have kiddies in the house as a grandma this is major. Please Click here to check out ALL THE Great products and would you do me a favor and share this post as I know that non-toxic natural products are hard for moms to find so share this on facebook, twitter, email etc.. with other families to help spread the word. 

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