Sunday, February 2, 2014

We love Beansfield Chips!

Beanfields Chip Review

      Beanfield's Chip Review

We were sent Beanfield's Chips to review. All views are our own and in no way were we influenced by receiving these from them. My family likes a little snack a few hours after supper to keep us through the night - something to "take the edge off " so we don't go to sleep starving since we eat supper at 3:30 pm because of our crazy schedule. We Beanfield's is a family owned business all about beans! As a farmer I loved this as I know how good beans are for you.. They LOVE BEANS and share their beans with us in the these great chips! 4 g of fiber per serving! 2 x's as most chips!
3 basic ingredients - beans, rice and oil
No fillers (junk) .. to make the chips
the more I hear about this product the more I love it! These guys were one of just 2 mentioned in UNFI's 2013 Q2 trends report! We are loving these beany chips.. which to me taste like a great corn chip, nacho chip, etc.. whatever flavor! The thing I loved best about these chips is the flavor..all things aside... they have it in the flavor department.. they taste not just good.. but really good. 

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