Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Homemade laundry soap with NO GRATING !!!!!

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This post is from 7/4/2013

We are loving this recipe for homemade laundry soap. Here is the recipe that we use at the Pople Backyard Farm .. with our backyard farm we do a ton of laundry to keep things clean between the cooking and the outside work etc.. The cost is approx. $20.00 a year...depending on size of family.. but personally I can't see a family going past one of  these "SERVINGS" so to speak in a year.. so here is the recipe... Enjoy and would you be so kind as to retweet this on twitter or repost this blog on facebook and post so that we can get the word out to help other families live a better quality of life? Thank you so much ---

BOROX 4 lb box
Baking soda 1 box
Arm and Hammer Super Washing Suds 3 lbs 
BORAXO Powder Hand Soap 12 oz

Very easy... get a big ol ice cream tub ( I get mine from Aldi's then my family has a reason to eat ice cream... haaa.. cost about 5.00 for the big tub of  ice cream... ) and then .. just mix all powders together and store in a dry place.. USE 2 tbs per LARGE LOAD.. 

More... I thought these items would be hard to find.. I found them all at my local BIG M. 

Enjoy !


Okay... To be honest our spinach did terrible this year so far... I think we are going to have to take it all out and just buy it.. but still at least we tried. Our greenhouse is smaller .. and we started it in there and just got tooo hot ! I eat a salad sandwhich for lunch .. toasted bread and salad in it.. any tips on my spinach? please add it in the comments. 


We have several peacocks.. including rare white ones that are gorgeous.. Right now if you have a peacock here in New York they will have all their feathers.. they make their display to show off to the females in hopes of finding a lucky female. In a few weeks I will be washing and gathering the feathers to put in my big vase in the house of peacock feathers. Last nite I had my family visiting and we heard the peacock call.. at times it sounds like a person crying out so we all had to rush to make sure the kids were all okay! ... This is a funny I saw a you tube of someone eatting peacock.. we don't eat our peacocks... they are our pets.. so kicks I wanted to see how much a peacock would run to eat.. 300! ... that is a pretty hefty lunch!

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