Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Firefly Tooth brushes

I was thrilled to find Firefly Toothbrushes! They have so many choices it is pure joy! The Barbie Toothbrush lights up, some toothbrushes talk, etc.. 

The barbie toothbrush lights up for one minute for each row.. What fun for the little ones! I love things like this because I am always a child and my grandchildren and nephews and neices etc.. get a kick out of grandma showing them the light up toothbrush! I like things like this actually for any age as let's face it wouldn't this be a fun gift? I especially think about Senior citizens who may like something like this to be able to see great into their "chompers" or any of us who are super cavity conscious.. yes I have a toothbrush addiction. I am always brushing, brushing, brushing.  So I had to try the Firefly Barbie toothbrush for myself! ... What I liked about this was I could see into my mouth to make sure I didn't miss any areas and also it was just so adorable it made me feel a bit like a princess and Clay and Russell got a kick out of me brushing my teeth with this. I highly recommend this for all. Another thing I liked about this toothbrush is the size.. for an adult... it was great to have a tiny brush to get into all those little areas.. and I thought.. hmmmm... when I get ready to clean I need to pick up a couple of these as the size is great ... and the minute light up will be great to get into those HARD TO REACH spots that I am scrubbing.. as I always save my old tooth brushes for cleaning... and these are just plain fun! Before I leave my review here.. let me just mention... EASTER... this is a great fun ... Healthy gift for easter.. so that after all the candy.. they can "play with their Firefly toothbrush" to help save on those dentist bills! 


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