Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hard Candy Cosmetics Review

I have been dying to try Hard Candy cosmetics and I was thrilled with the results. 

Hard Candy Bite of Black Polish

I ususally never wear black nail polish but Hard Candy's Bite of black is gorgeous... Imagine going out on a special date with the little black dress add Bite of Black polish and you will look stunning. The glitter isn't childish but very sophisticated you will look polished all over wearing this divine color.

Hard candy's lip stain 809 looks lovely on the lips. The nice thing about a lip stain is it lasts longer than a lip stick so if you have to put on color for the day opt for a stain rather than a normal lipstick. Hard candy's 809 is very soft looking and is perfect for every single day! 

Want to look stunning? Try Hard Candy's eye define a nice rich color. The secret to good make up is the BLENDING. No matter what your skin color don't be afraid to try something that makes your eyes pop.. put on a little and add or remove if you do a oopsy. You will be amazed at how gorgeous you can make your eyes look with a great product. This is number 331 I love it! 

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