Saturday, March 1, 2014

Land O Lakes Butter

    I have always loved Land O Lakes butter. Add a pat of butter to top  off my pancakes or on a baked potato you just can't resist! With all the spreads out there I have to admit that I always feel that it is best to buy the real thing and to eat it in moderation. Land O Lakes is all natural the next best thing to owning a cow and shaking up your own batch of butter. Land O Lakes is actually  a Agricultural cooperative and  employs around 9000 people. Land O lakes got their name as a result of a contest.
The Indian Maiden was originally painted in 1928 and has had many changes over the years. Land O Lakes has had many changes through the years as well and you will enjoy checking out the progression of Land O Lakes Click here to check out the progress!   You can purchase Land O Lakes at your local grocery store. 

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