Thursday, March 6, 2014

Water Walker Dog Leash Review

Have you ever gone on a long walk with your dog and saw that your dog needed a longer drink than you expected and gave him your water bottle? Or had to carry two water bottles one for you and one for your dog trying to juggle all that extra bottle with a leash etc.. or get up early to pack a fanny pack, etc.. for him with treats etc.. well water walker dog leash has all this fixed for us serious walkers. All the things you need to take your precious baby out with you a real pick up and go concept! I know I love to give my dog a treat sometimes especially if we decided to go visit Grandma etc.. and he's going to be gone a little longer than usual. Fresh water and also those bags for his bathroom needs and of course the most important item a great leash  10 ' that keeps your dog safe and secure close by for his walk and enjoyment. I also enjoyed the personalization I could put on my walker with many great choices! The leash also has a color - coded safety feature that indicates your pooch's distance to potential dangers. I think they thought of everything ! Click here for more !

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