Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sweeney 's Mole and Gopher Sonic Spikes

Sweeney's 2-Pack Mole and Gopher Sonic Spikes

If you have ever seen the damage that moles can do it's amazing. Before I met my husband I lived near a golf course and there were TONS of moles around fortunately for me I had a boston terrier which will chase all those critters away. I don't like poisons if possible because of kids and animals and Sweeney's Mole Sonic Spikes are the perfect solution. They are Chemical-free and repel not only moles but golphers too! They are    
solar powered so there is no need to worry abour cords or electric. Sonic pulses penetrate the soil which send those critters scurrying away. The amazing thing too is that the solar charge lasts up to 5 days! 

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