Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Grab your seat you are about to go on a wild ride with the DVD Cybergeddon brought to us by ABC Entertainment. A FBI agent is set up to be the fall guy for a cybercrime and now she's on the hunt to find out who did this to her. Lots of action and you will get a work out and site on the edge of your seat watching this story unfold. I love thrillers and wasn't disappointed in Cybergeddon. The best of both worlds if you love techie and end of the world movies. I loved the woman being the gun packing FBI star instead of the usual man.. as we are seeing more and more of this I feel since Kill Bill was out. You will love this and make sure to pop a big bag of popcorn because once it starts rolling you won't want to leave until the end of the show! click here to order more movies

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