Saturday, January 25, 2014

Popcorners Review

Popcorners the new shape of whole grain. These had a nice crunch and a good flavor - 

Twisted Salt
Wisconsin Cheddar
Memphis BBQ
Sweet Cinnamon

I think they taste like a combination of chips, rice cakes and popcorn. A good healthy snack. gluten free. My favorite was the Twisted Salt. Everyone on our taste team loved them and once you opened the bag everyone wanted to keep tasting! made in the usa. 

      The Chinese goose. This is a male and you can tell by the egg shape knob on his head. The female has a knob too but her's is more rounded. These are a great addition to any backyard farm. You can eat the eggs and they make excellent watchdogs. To learn more about backyard farm join us on our home page and  learn about all the great happenings in our lives :)

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