Friday, January 24, 2014

P 2 Peanut Buttter Review

Friday, January 24, 2014


I am Loving PB2 Peanut butter this stuff is unbelievable! I received from PB2 3 products to review.. my opinions are my own and they didn't influence me... that said.. YES! this stuff is a girl's dream! Here is what they sent

1 PB2 peanut butter cracker
1 PB2 POWERED peanut Butter
1 PB2 POWERED premium chocolate

Taste like the real mccoy! ... the good  news is.. 85% less fat! The powered peanut butters you just add water! Made by Bell plantations this stuff is sweeping the healthy living people. I am so excited about this as I love peanut butter and there are so many ways I can use this, sandwiches, recipes, a quick pick me up... we've all done it a spoon of peanut butter to hold us til the next meal. Easy to carry with you etc..  check it out for yourself at

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