Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tummy Drop Review


   I was absolutely thrilled to try Tummy Drops! Upon getting them I immediately had to pop one in as my family has a lot of "tummy aches" . I received a nice letter with my tummy drops from the doctor who sent these to me- The Tummy Doc he told me by day he is Gastroenterologist if you have ever had trouble you know how uncomfortable that can be with upset stomachs. Also living on a backyard farm you learn a lot about good health and food and these products were just so perfect for people in the know.. 
The peppermint is fabulous it has a great taste.. if you love peppermint sticks you are going to fall in love. Peppermint is a natural relaxer of the intestines. When your intestines cramp they can cause pain and the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom. Also peppermint gives you nice smelling breath!

I love ginger .. ginger has become one of my favorite flavors.. and the ginger drops offer a great big ginger taste ! YUM! Ginger works directly on the intestines and the parts of the body that control nausea. These were created with a special blend of potent ginger to help relieve the pains of overeating , motion sickness , morning sickness and stomach upsets. -- I saw a show once that said if you fly alot take ginger. Some people actually get motion sickness from working on factory lines too-- as you can see I love the taste of ginger and love all the health benefits I find. 

This is the way to go.. a great source you can stick right in your pocket and take when you need it. Thank you Tummy Doc ! 

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