Sunday, January 5, 2014

Zizzy Bee Bags

    These cute little bags are a life saver! We were sent the Zizzy bags to review from I put my "daily needs" in them. My notes, my pens, things I am planning to do for the day.. my reading glasses I hang them on one of the chair posts and they work great so everything is handy! At the end of the day I file things and start fresh the next day. Mom's can use them to put a diaper in your purse for the baby or your make up. Working girls can slip them in your desk with a quick snack. Zizzy Bags sent me a larger one and a smaller bag. So if you need a larger bag you can even fold up a extra shirt if you are traveling and want to change your shirt along the road or use for a over night bag for toothpaste etc.. or for the gym. What makes them nice is that they have a tiny hook to hang and you can see the contents. I just love my zizzy bags! You can get yours at

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