Tuesday, January 7, 2014

P28 Foods Review

          We received an assortment of breads and peanut butter from p28 foods for review. Of course, as always our reviews reflect our honest opinions and we love to share with you all the Best products so you can make good choices! P28 foods have 28 grams of protein per serving. I have low blood sugar and Clay has high blood sugar so protein sounded great to me! P28 is 100% natural  whole wheat w/ whey protein isolate oats, flaxseeds, sunflowers seed and millet. It even contains Omega 3's and has 8 essential Amino Acids. Cholesterol free and a great source of fiber. The products are so good for you it is unbelieveable no wonder body builders love this product! If you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle you will want to choose P28 so much better for you! To order and to learn more please go to http://www.p28.fooods.com  

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