Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Angelo Pietro Salad Dressings Reviews

      We received from Angelo Pietro to review their Original (Shoyu) , Seasame and Miso and Ginger Dressings to review. These all are 

- All Natural 
- No MSG
- NoCholesterol
- No Preservatives

We eat a lot of "greens" salads and vegetables at my house . I love cooking with various flavors and inventing new dishes! These are so tasty! Right away we opened them up and had to try them out to see if they were to our liking. What I loved about Angelo Pietro dressings is they are not only good on salad but you can marinate meat, use over pasta etc..  I love the taste of ginger so the ginger was my favorite.. over a cool pasta salad, with tomatoes, onion and a dash of green beans this is yummy! You can order some for yourself at http://www.Angelopietro.com

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